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Welcome to Polaris Property
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We are a growing family based company with a great network of contacts, experience and knowledge of all types of property purchase and property sourcing solutions. We pride ourselves on an extensive knowledge in all aspects of property sourcing and maximizing profits by renovating and handling all types of properties.

Based primarily and serving Stockport we specialize in the popular areas of south Manchester including Heaton Moor, Hazel Grove, Offerton,  Reddish, Denton, Droylsden, Levenshulme, Burnage, Chorlton.

Tameside including Ashton, Staylybridge, Audenshaw, Duckinfield, Guidebridge using our extensive personal experience of the best areas to suit each client, family or investor, for whatever the purpose of the property may be.

Why choose Polaris Property

Whether you are investor, business client or a family looking for a property we can help. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss any ideas, questions or queries you may have.

What types of property do you deal with?

We are proud to say that we deal with many aspects of the property. Whether you are looking for an office, a family home, a building to renovate, a landlord looking to let a home, we can help you. We can advise on the best areas to suit each circumstance, and particular areas to avoid.

Why choose Manchester?

We are also aware of a rising number of people staying in Manchester to work during the week, as manchester is such a busy and ever growing city, demand for work and people to have to commute further to work here, some prefer to stay rather than a long drive home, or use a hotel which quickly becomes expensive. We are currently managing properties to suit these people with excellent quality accommodation. We are also constantly looking for more properties to convert that will allow for the demand.

Whatever your circumstance, please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss whatever your needs may be, and we are sure to give you a very warm welcome to our company.

Why Invest in Stockport?

  • Stockport is a key location for investors and will benefit greatly from capital growth due to the vast amount of investment currently being ploughed into the town centre.
  • The area is in the beginning stages of a £1 billion investment plan spanning across property, retail, transport, leisure and business.
  • There are also plenty of improvements underway to Stockports transport infrastructure, including the expansion of the Metrolink system and the ongoing improvements at Stockport exchange.
  • The Metrolink effect is known to play a major role in the demand for property within the Greater Manchester area and is reported to increase the value of property by an average of £8,300.
  • Returning to rental yields, Stockport Buy To Let property specifically outperforms both Liverpool and London and is on par with Manchester at 8% annual returns.
  • The beauty of Stockport though is that the private rented sector is much lower than Manchester (13% compared to 25%), but demand is expected to soar in coming years.
  • This a huge opportunity to get in at a good time whilst avoiding the massive competition from professional landlords in Manchester City.